MBR Membrane
Immersion UF Membrane
UF Membrane
Nanofiltration Membrane
RO Membrane
Desalination RO Membrane
Nanofiltration Membrane
Product Advantages
· A complete variety
It covers the NFR series for healthy drinking water and the NFF series used for salt separation, organic matter removal and decolorization.
· Good chemical resistance
It has an extremely high compressive densification capacity, with a maximum operating temperature of 45°C, and can withstand acid-base cleaning with a pH range of 1 to 13.
· The intelligentization degree of production equipment is high
Introduced foreign advanced casting and coating production lines, with accurate control, quantitative coating, and good homogeneity; fully automatic film rolling and molding lines to achieve integrated control from cutting, eliminating defects, and winding to molding, making product performance more uniform.
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