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Municipal Water Reuse
Brief Introduction

Municipal water reuse refers to the treatment of urban wastewater or domestic sewage to meet certain water quality standards for miscellaneous urban uses (e.g., toilet flushing, gardening, car washing, and fire fighting), agricultural irrigation, and industrial uses (e.g., cooling water, processing).

This is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way of utilising water resources, which can alleviate the problem of urban water shortage, improve the efficiency of water resources utilisation and promote sustainable urban development.

This type of reuse has the following advantages:

1、It can improve the efficiency of the use of water resources and reduce the waste of water resources.

2、It can reduce the pressure of urban water supply and alleviate the problem of water shortage.

3、It can reduce the amount of sewage discharge and alleviate the problem of environmental pollution.

4、It can provide stable and reliable water source and improve the ability of urban water supply guarantee.