Water Treatment Equipment

Mechanical filter

To remove large particles suspended matter, widely used in drinking water, industrial water and living water and pure water filter. Generally for quartz sand, manganese sand, anthracite, and so on.

Activated carbon filter

For the depth of the water purification equipment, it is using the porous surface of activated carbon adsorption mechanism, can effectively remove organic matter in water, colloid, silicon, residual

safety filter

Sintering pipe unit


Ultrafiltration equipment chemical industry printing and dyeing industry

Raw water: printing and dyeing wastewater process

Capacity: 2800 m3 / d

Membrane element: UF1IA200

USES: water reuse

Water quality: SDI < 3

Location: Jiang Su , China

Enrichment separation ultrafiltration equipment

Raw water: cellulase

Capacity: 1440 m3 / d

Membrane element: UF1OB90

Purpose: wastewater reuse

Condensed water quality: eight times

ultrafiltration equipment electroplating industry

Raw water: electroplating industrial wastewater

Capacity: 80 m3 / h F

Membrane element: UF1IA225

Purpose: gray water recycle as RO pretreatment

Water quality: SDI < 2

Normal operating pressure: 0

Ultrafiltration equipment paper making industry

Raw water: bitter salty water

Capacity: 10368m3/d

Membrane element: UF1IA315L

USES: water treatment

Water quality: SDI<3

Normal operating pressure: 0.2 Mpa

Location: Guangzhou, China

Ultrafiltration equipment iron and steel industry

Sewage, raw water: steel plant

Capacity: 9600 T/D

Membrane element: UF3OA200

Membrane materials: PVDF

Purpose: sewage reuse

Location: shandong in China
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