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Ion exchange equipment

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Ion exchange is mainly used in water desalination equipment. Use of ion exchange resin selective reaction principle and balance of Yin and Yang, resin surface adsorption of H +, OH - ion of Yin and Yang replacement reaction with water, remove the water soluble ions.

Saturation ion exchanger resin, need according to the situation of resin regeneration process.

Equipment according to regeneration methods are divided into two forms downstream, upstream, countercurrent regeneration is divided into gas cap pressure and no top form; According to the operation mode is divided into fixed and floating bed bed, fixed bed is divided into "S" type (quartz sand mat layer) and M (the porous plate water cap type); And the form of the filled resin is divided into single bed and double beds. According to the water treatment technology requirements can be respectively filled strength and Yang (Yin) ion exchange resin, suitable for bed type and manner of operation and regeneration, desalination system.

Product categories: sodium ion exchanger (including fully automatic softener)

Anion exchanger

Cation exchanger

Mixed ion exchanger

Main technical parameters

Work pressure (Mpa) of 0.6 or less

Working temperature: 5-50 ℃

Tank size: Φ. 200-3000

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