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domestic healthy straight purifier

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Fresh water : equivalent to establish a pure water station at home, homemade water purification; Equipped with 3.2 G gallons pressure barrels, according to the daily drinking water, ensure that every day can drink the most of fresh clean water, to eliminate the secondary pollution.

permeate water quantity is large ,the use is : up to 189 litres/day, in addition to drink, can be used to wash the dishes, cooking, soup, etc., and has a cosmetic effect.

Pure physical water filtration, sweet: magnitude during the process of water purification filter adopting physical way completely. Without any chemical process, to ensure the water taste natural, sweet and refreshing.

One-time investment economic material benefit: the cost of a barrel of water (water, electricity, filter, machinery depreciation) is about 0.3 yuan.

Convenient practical safe: avoid the call to order water, such as a series of trouble, convenient, save money and rest assured.
Quality lifestyle choices: international fashion, modern fashion family preferred products. , filled with water, water supply automatic control system of water, water easily at home

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