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MTQ RO50 - N series water purification products are designed by  Shandong zhaojin Motian Co.,Ltd in view of the group, enterprise or business, hotel, hotels, high-end residential area etc, for drinking water engineering design, construction, development developed products, which can effectively remove in addition to the impurities in the water, the soluble salts, organic matter, heavy metal ions and microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and harmful material such as pesticide residues, while retaining the dissolved oxygen in the water and a small amount of trace elements for human. Permeated water is sweet, and there is no secondary pollution, security, convenience and economy.

Motian new building water purification system, through the way of "water supply by different quality", in the residential district construction centralized water purification station, the water depth after special craft processing, remove the water harmful organisms, bacteria and viruses to human body, at the same time keep the human body needs trace element, through high quality pipe to send to every household, as can be directly drinking water of life.

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