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immersed membrane module

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Membrane Bioreactor (membrane  Bioreactor, MBR) is a Membrane technology combining  wastewater treatment with  biochemical technology, also known as Membrane separation activated sludge process. Is a kind of biochemical processing technology by membrane filter instead of traditional secondary sedimentation tank and sand filter in water treatment technology.

Compared with traditional active sludge process, MBR wastewater treatment has the following advantages:
1, outlet water quality is good
2, less quantity of sludge
3, the equipment is compact, covers an area of less
The core is membrane in membrane bioreactor, needs while maintaining the high flux membrane with  high strength.



Cylindrical screen type MBR



model  fiber inner and outer diameter(mm) dimension size a×b(mm) membrane area(㎡) Permeate water quantity(t/d) outlet turbidity(NTU) outlet suspended solids(mg/L)
MPmBS 1.2/1.8 200×1450 8 2.4-3.6 <0.3 <1
MPmBL 1.2/1.8 200×2050 12 3.6-5.4 <0.3 <1

Cylindrical beam MBR



model  fiber inner and outer diameter(mm)  dimension sizea×b(mm) membrane area(㎡) Permeate water quantity(t/d) outlet turbidity(NTU) outlet suspended solids(mg/L)
MPmCS 1.2/1.8 160×1440 8 2.4-3.6 <0.3 <1
MPmCL 1.2/1.8 200×2040 12 3.6-5.4 <0.3 <1

  Cleaning  method :

On-line cleaning Aeration cleaning With the method of gas scrubbing the membrane surface is difficult to infected with dirt
on-line  backwashing Backwash of online on a regular basis, or proper dosing backwash
Off-line  cleaning When the membrane flux can't meet the design requirements, need to offline cleaning, specific methods refer to instruction manual or contact with our technical personnel.


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