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Thermal induced phase microfiltration membrane

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Thermal induced phase microfiltration membrane

The product description:
Motian Petro-sep  which  is  produced by thermal induced phase separation process of microfiltration membrane has following advantages:
1. High strength, membrane rupture force of up to 10 n, different models of polypropylene hollow membrane has higher intensity.
2. The uniform pore size distribution, uniform distribution of holes on the characteristic of the interception of substance has a significant effect.
3. The porosity is large, all types of membrane porosity can reach more than 50%, the highest can amount to 70%, high porosity for material by providing more channels, so that the separation of yield increase.
4. Acid and alkaline, polypropylene material itself determines the nature of the product has a very broad ph range use, under the acid or alkaline solutions of 10% can be use for a long time.
5. Many varieties, Motian  can produce hydrophilic and hydrophobic polypropylene membrane, wide aperture range, and can according to user requirements to provide different diameter of hollow fiber.
6. My company’s  production of hydrophilic polypropylene membrane and hydrophobic polypropylene  can be stored under dry state; And hydrophilic membrane without hydrophilization processing again before use.

membrane outer diameter  material  pore size(μm)  porosity(%)  breaking power*(CN)
 Can produce 0.8 -3 mm outer diameter of membrane  PP hydrophilic or hydrophobic PP  0.1  55  1100
 0.2   59  800
 0.3  65  600
 0.4  67  500
* Product  fracture force uses outer diameter of 1.8 micropore for test, please try to avoid in the process of transport and the use of long-term direct contact with bright light.
membrane products section membrane surface electron microscopy

application area: 
Companies can provide users separately with membrane silk, can also according to the need for different size of the membrane module.
1. Sewage treatment: used in membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment
2. Water treatment, pretreatment and post-treatment for pure water
3. The food industry: used in liquor, beer and beverages in addition to the turbidity of sterilization, etc
4. Liquid degassing: production of hydrophobic membrane is a good option for degassing of liquid


Cylindrical screen type MBR

model  fiber inner and outer diameter(mm) dimension size a×b(mm) membrane area(㎡) Permeate water quantity(t/d) outlet turbidity(NTU) outlet suspended solids(mg/L)
MPmBS 1.2/1.8 200×1450 8 2.4-3.6 <0.3 <1
MPmBL 1.2/1.8 200×2050 12 3.6-5.4 <0.3 <1


Cylindrical beam MBR

model  fiber inner and outer diameter(mm)  dimension sizea×b(mm) membrane area(㎡) Permeate water quantity(t/d) outlet turbidity(NTU) outlet suspended solids(mg/L)
MPmCS 1.2/1.8 160×1440 8 2.4-3.6 <0.3 <1
MPmCL 1.2/1.8 200×2040 12 3.6-5.4 <0.3 <1


  Cleaning  method :


On-line cleaning Aeration cleaning With the method of gas scrubbing the membrane surface is difficult to infected with dirt
on-line  backwashing Backwash of online on a regular basis, or proper dosing backwash
Off-line  cleaning When the membrane flux can't meet the design requirements, need to offline cleaning, specific methods refer to instruction manual or contact with our technical personnel.


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