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ZCA folding micropore cartridge

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folding micropore cartridge

Folded micropore  filter membrane with hybrid fiber resin, polypropylene, nylon, etc as the raw material, white and smooth surface, light texture, high void ratio, uniform pore size distribution, is not easy to produce static, not easy adsorption, its nominal aperture (microns) 0.2/0.45/0.65/0.8/5.0/1.0/3.0 of seven kinds of specifications, has a high filter precision, big filter area, large flow, filter convenient installation and replacement, etc.
Applicable to electronic, food, biological products, brewing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields of liquid and gas filter, filter out bacteria and particles, improve the clarity and inner quality. The electronics industry for the terminal filtration of pure water and ultrapure water, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration filter before.
cartridge material
End cover plate: polypropylene
Inside and outside the cylinder: polypropylene
O-rings: silicone rubber
Single length: 250 mm (10 ")
Single filter area: 0.7 m2

cartridge model:

 model material  model(um)
 ZCA mixed cellulose  0.2、0.45、0.65、0.8、1.0、1.2、2.0、3.0、5.0
 ZNL nylon  0.2、0.45、0.65、0.8、1.0、1.2、2.0、3.0、5.0
 ZPP polypropylene  0.2、0.45、0.65、0.8、1.0、1.2、2.0、3.0、5.0


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