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PP-W 250(10’’)

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Tubular membrane days meltblown polypropylene fiber filter is sliced ​​melt, spray, traction, receiving molding made ​​of different specifications of the tubular element. It is widely used in the manufacture of pre-pure water, cooling water, drinking water, laboratory water, boiler water, oil field water as well as chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing, photofinishing, beer, beverage and other industries filtering.
【products feature】
1. Filtering accuracy and filtering efficiency is high, the filter aperture dense, uniform, due to the particles can occur in a filter channel "bridging" phenomenon, make less than the diameter of particles can also be blocked, filtration efficiency over 99%, and honeycomb filter is only 85%.
2. The filter has high velocity, low pressure drop, high capture rate of impurities, long life and other advantages, mainly because in the process of production, uses the variable diameter transition process, the product has "diameter gradient gradually tight structure, namely the filter aperture and outer lining small to big, thus increasing the flow rate and pollutant carrying capacity, filter is not easy to jam, prolong the service life.
3. Their spotlessness, comply with FDA standards, no pollution to water quality.
4. The acid, alkali and other chemical reagents and organic solvent corrosion.
5. Large mechanical strength, good pressure resistance and impact resistance.
6. Use working temperature 80 ℃, 121 ℃ for 30 min sterilization process.
7. General polypropylene fiber with hydrophobic properties, but after the modification has high hydrophilicity, ten times the weight of water can be absorbed, so can be used for oil-water separation.
8. The price is cheap, and can be repeatedly used after cleaning, reduced the cost.

【cartridge model】

Cartridge accuracy(um):1,3,5,10,15,20,30,50,70,100
Filter type: 
A, no skeleton type B, skeleton type C, oil-water separation D, activated carbon fiber composite
Cartridge length(mm):250(10") 500(20") 750(30") 1000(40")
Cartridge inner diameter(mm):Φ28-Φ80
Cartridge outer diameter(mm):Φ60-Φ250
1. According to the filtering liquid viscosity and its impurities in the selection of cartridge.
2. According to the filtrate flow filter, 1.5 2 times to leave allowance, can significantly extend the service life (typically 3-4 times).
3. The filter is installed, should pay attention on both ends of the parts of the concentricity and the degree of compaction, in case of leakage, affect the filtration precision.
4. The longer duration of use, filtration precision will be increased gradually, the differential pressure gradually increases, when the differential pressure of 0.2 Mpa shall be clean or replace filter.
【cleaning method】
Method one: recoil cleaning with water filter.
Method 2:8 hours soaking in concentrated hydrochloric acid, with water after soaking back flush, until the hydrochloric acid to remove completely


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