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Shandong Province Commission by letter of new chemical materials industry research group to research study Zhaojin Motian

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November 9, 2011, by the Commission by letter of Shandong Province commissioned Petrochemical Association of Shandong Province, Yantai City Council by letter to the province of new chemical materials Industry Development in Shandong Zhaojin Motian Company Limited on-site research.
His research group looked at the production and key project construction site, to understand the new chemical materials processing process, and to the chemical industry film materials in the field direction of technology development, film products market prospects, problems and needs policy support and other issues with the responsible persons in-depth exchange of views. ZHAOJIN film days, said general manager Wang Yue Translation: In the face sharp price increases of raw materials, wages significantly enhance the status quo, enterprises will increase new product development efforts, and actively cultivate the national brand, do everything possible to reduce costs and improve value-added products, and strive to develop market, extend the industrial chain, forming a huge industrial clustering effect, in the fierce competition to win the initiative.
Shandong Province as new material deep processing enterprises Zhaojin demonstration film days, the research group of new materials for the chemical industry for its outstanding contribution to the development to be fully affirmed and hope to cultivate national enterprises seize the favorable opportunity of the development of new industries, focus on the overall planning, highlighting the technical features to achieve breakthroughs in key areas, and the country for the film industry, new chemical materials processing enterprises to set an example.
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